Blodyavenger teams up with Mens Line of Fashion for a promising future

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In Jaunary, we met up with the guys from Mens line of fashion at a fashion conference in Florence, Italy. Despite the company being Australia-based and us being UK-based, it didn’t stop us from teaming up to make the world of fashion a better place.

Now, what might a gambling company have in common with a fashion company?
At the Blodyavenger headquarters in Leeds UK, we have a strict policy when it comes to fashion. Being one of the most successful blogs in a billion dollar industry, we have an image to live up to.
“We really can’t hide, our clients are all around us.” says Tim Kristiansson, Fashion Designer for BlodyAvenger.
We can’t maintain a unique and timeless image unless we do something nobody else does. We have had our design-team in Australia since early 2015, and meeting up with Mens line of fashion is the best thing that happened to us in a long time.
With the creativity these guys have, the originality and the confidence in style, we are safe to say that we won’t go unnoticed at a conference ever again.

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BlodyAvenger has nothing in common with fashion companies, except the luxury lifestyle in both niches. Our company does one thing and one thing only, we provide our clients with the latest industry buzz and list the greatest online casinos at the moment.

For instance, we are maintaining a notable list of the 15 best online casinos right on our homepage. Since it’s a rapidly moving industry, our website is being updated every single day.
In other words, we do what it takes to keep our clients satisfied.

However, we are sincerely looking forward to our long-term relationship with Mens line of fashion, and we think the future is looking dazzling for both our companies, so stay on the lookout for some extraordinary styles in the time to come.

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